Are all hunts guaranteed and why don’t I need a tag or license?

Yes, all our hunts are guaranteed that you will harvest your animal. This is a private hunting ranch and no license or tags are required.

When is your season?

Archery season is best in September through early October while the elk are in the rut. Rifle season is from early September through the end of November.

Can I have my meat processed and shipped?

The butcher usually requires a one to two day turnaround on cut, wrapped and frozen meat. Yes, it can be shipped, or you can take it with you.  Shipping costs vary.

The choice of meat processing is at the discretion of the hunter. Local processors include Matt’s Custom Meat in St. Anthony, 208-624-3049, and Woodcock Custom Meat in Rexburg, 208-356-3175. For more information, see the meat processing FAQ below.

What about taxidermy?

There are qualified taxidermists to mount your trophy. Local Taxidermists include Fall Taxidermy, Ty or Denise Klingler 208-313-7362 and Taxidermy West, Daren Klingler, 208-359-1869 as well as others. The choice of taxidermy is solely at the discretion of the hunter.

Can you accommodate disabled hunters?

Yes, we can accommodate disabled hunters, and our lodge is handicapped accessible.

Are there any add-on charges?

No, the cost of the elk or bison includes the lodge, all meals, the guide, the skinning and dressing of the meat, and pickup and delivery to the Idaho Falls airport. Tips for the guide and cook are appreciated. The recommended tip for the guide is 10%. Idaho Sales tax of 6% is added to the price of the hunt.

How do I book a hunt?

We require a 50% deposit to book your hunting dates. We accept checks, cash, and credit cards. Just give us a call or email with your desired dates.

What is a management bull, and do you offer cow hunts?

A management bull is usually a younger animal that scores less than 230 or it may have atypical antlers, a 4×6 or 5×6 etc. The meat is good. Yes, we offer cow hunts. Cow hunts do not include side trips and are limited to one day.

Can I bring my spouse and family along?

Yes. Our non-hunting adult guests are charged $200 per day for meals and lodging when sharing a room with the hunter. Additional guests are charged $250 per day. The price for children 5-10 is 1/2 price and for kids 0-4, there is no charge when sharing a room with the hunter.

Is there internet service available in the lodge?

Yes, the lodge has high-speed internet for our hunters and guests.


From Matt’s Custom Meats

How long does it take for processing?

Example: If you hunt on Monday, you can pick up your meat frozen on Wednesday as long as the animal is brought in on Monday. If an animal is brought in on Tuesday, you may pick it up Wednesday mid-morning, not frozen. We do not do hot cuts, as that does not make the best meat quality for you.

How many coolers do I need to bring?

The average bull elk takes 2-120 qt. coolers and another medium one.

Do I need to call and schedule with the butcher?

No, we accommodate all the ranch reservations.

Do we ship meat?

Yes, shipping prices do vary but starts at 4.50/lb.

Shipping takes place 3-4 weeks after your animal has been brought in. We will call you on a Sunday that we have your meat packaged and ready for shipping to get payment arrangements and give you a heads up that your meat is on the way.

Shipping is 2-day air. We only ship on Mondays, and you typically receive your meat on Wednesday.

We ship in freezer boxes.

How much will your animal weigh?

Rough approximations of hanging weight:

  • Yearling Elk 150-200 lbs. Cow Elk 200-320 lbs. Bull Elk 350-550 lbs.
  • Yearling Buffalo 250-350 lbs. Cow Buffalo 350-500 lbs. Meat Buffalo 350-500 lbs.
  • Mature Buffalo 600-1200 lbs.

How much does the animal yield?

Typically, the animal will yield 50%, but it just depends on the shot and trauma.

How is the animal packaged?

We are a custom butcher shop, so everything is customized to your needs and vacuum sealed.